My ability to capture and engage readers & members on the Momfluential site,  my Twitter feed and beyond,  is what has generated my following.

But Momfluential is not just me personally. I believe all moms are influential. We all have a story to share.

I’m a connector.

I’ve often asked myself how I have managed to amass such a large following. The answer is simple. I respect and admire my readers and twitter followers. I never underestimate  the importance of making a connection with them. Everyone has something to offer.

I am honest in my writing, and this shows. Whether it’s on Facebook or my blog, it’s the same viewpoint I’m likely to share over coffee with an old friend. My readers trust and value my opinions on everything from parenting issues to product launches.

But I’m only one voice and I love a good debate! This is why I routinely feature the content of, link to, and drive traffic to other influential moms in the online community. Momfluential is a hub, and a club.  Start there to discover what Moms are talking about, what products they are using, what is going on in their lives.

As the Chief Momfluential at Momfluential Media, I have my finger on the pulse of the Influential mom online community. If you have a product or service that you would like to introduce to this community, or an event to plan, I’d like to help!  View my Consulting Page and Contact me for more information.

Note: Because authenticity is important to me, and my day job as a marketer keeps me quite busy,  I am very selective about the brands I will work with personally, and products I will review on the Momfluential site.  All of the brands I am currently working with are a match for both me and my family. If you feel your brand is a match, I am happy to discuss further.


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