About Me

Throughout my many projects there is a common thread: The art of the tale. I have been fascinated with the power of storytelling as long as I can remember.

I grew up as the child of one of Madison Avenue’s original top “Mad Men”. As such, I’ve always been steeped in the psychology of advertising and consumer culture. It’s a culture of narrative.

Good products and services all exist to solve problems.  Where problem and solution intersect, there is a story. Where consumer and solution intersect, there is connection.

My special talent is that I see stories and connections. Everywhere!

I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in the 1990′s with a triple degree in Psychology, Anthropology, and Creative Writing. It seemed like a longshot at the time, but I’m pretty sure now I learned exactly what I needed to in college.

I continue to learn every day. But this much I know:

Stories are what binds us. We learn lessons through storytelling. We form relationships through shared stories. We see possibility in stories. We see ourselves.

My love of storytelling has led me on many adventures from fashion “stories” with my children’s clothing line, to travel writing to creating and producing for television.

I cannot wait to see what the next chapter holds.


Places I have Spoken:

Mom 2.0


Blog World Expo

Bloggy Boot Camp





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